Work Package 5: Project Management

The objectives of Project Management Work Package are the following:

  • To elaborate project management procedures.
  • To carry out coordination meetings with Topic Manager.
  • To monitor project progress.
  • To carry out the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) management.

The tasks of this Work Package are the following:

Task 5.1 Coordination and Project Management

ORBITAL will be the only project responsible and shall define procedures for management activities at internal level according to usual procedures and standards:

  • Management internal procedures responding clearly to: Who has to do/report what, then, at what time, how?
  • The development of a specific plan for quality control
  • Regular internal meetings
  • Processes, KPIs and procedures for progress monitoring

Task 5.2 Secretariat

The day-to-day management will be held by the Secretariat, and includes controlling activities and deliverables, maintaining effective internal communication and maintaining project records and assessing project progress and results.

Task 5.3 IPR Management

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) will be managed to ensure that is properly protected and exploited.

The deliverables related to WP5 are the following:

  • D.5.1 Project Management Handbook
  • D.5.2 Data Management Plan
  • D.5.3 IPR Management Plan
  • D.5.4 Mid-project Report
  • D.5.5 Final Report