Work Package 4: Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Main Dissemination objectives (DO) are:

  • DO1 - To build and maintain effective communication about the project to raise awareness and interest of potential users on FAVIT results.
  • DO2 - To amplify interaction with stakeholders and users to obtain feedback to enhance the exploitation opportunities of project results.
  • DO3 - To transfer knowledge among the actors to disseminate FAVIT results at a large community of users, ranging from key stakeholders to industry and public at large.
  • DO4 - To ensure the broad applicability of the project results taking into consideration standards.
  • DO5 - To ensure acquisition of knowledge and potential new skills by users
  • DO6 - To foster FAVIT market oriented best practices recommendations and results.

The tasks of this Work Package are the following:

Task 4.1 Exploitation and Dissemination of results strategy

There four main Target Groups to which specific dissemination activities are addressed:

  • Professional stakeholders: Industry
  • Policy makers & public bodies (including EC National, Regional and local authorities): standardization groups and certification authorities
  • Technical and Scientific audience
  • Society

Task 4.2 Communication and Dissemination Plan (C&DP)

ORBITAL will prepare the Communication and Dissemination Plan(C&DP) of the project, including:

  • Plan for the protection and exploitation of the results.
  • Barriers and risk Assessment and Mitigations Plan

Task 4.3 Communication

Periodical communication will be put in place for general and specialized public.

Task 4.4 Mid-project workshop and final event

At the middle of the project a workshop will be organized,and final results will be presented in a final event.

The deliverables related to WP4 are the following:

  • WEB01 : FAVIT web page.
  • D4.1 Communication & Dissemination strategy and Plan (C&DP).