Work Package 3: Development of best practices and proposals for enhancement of standards and guidelines

The aim of this work package is to generate the knowledge-based set of recommendations, best practices, feasibility analysis and enhancements of standards to focus the new systems in a model- based design with the intention of promote virtual testing for the reduction of costs in the certification processes.

The tasks of this Work Package are the following:

Task 3.1: Development of processes and guidelines for an optimized use of virtual testing methods

To develop and share the process to use the studied tools of MBSE and virtual testing for the enhancement of the certification process. Define and promote the guidelines to use these tools to facilitate the standard use and avoid safety and security issues.

Task 3.2: Development of a knowledge-based proposal for the enhancement of the aerospace standards

With the support of the working group generated in WP1, its results and the collaboration of the certification authority, a proposal to improve the aerospace standards in order to adopt new processes driven by new technologies to reduce the certification process will be delivered. The purpose of the task is to identify topics that could impact in the certification process, in the safety and the performance of the aircraft systems.

The deliverables related to WP3 are the following:

  • D01.c : Best Practices for virtual testing
  • D01.d : Proposal for enhancement of aerospace standards and guidelines regarding to virtual testing